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  • Tank Size: 4.2 US Gallon (16L)

  • Removable Battery: Compatible with Dewalt & Hercules  Lithium ion Batteries 

  • Continuous Working Time: Up to 6 hours

  • Coverage: Up to 70,000 sq. ft. 

  • Electrostatic Charge: Up to 30 KV

  • Droplet Size: As small as 40 microns

  • Flow Rate: 2.5 Gallons per hour 

  • Voltage: 20V Input: 110 V (US & Canada)/ 220-240 V (UK & EU)

  • Pressure: 22-58 PSI (0.15-0.4 MPa)

  • Weight – Empty: 19 lbs (8.6 kg)

  • Weight – Full: 53 lbs (24 kg)

  • Dimensions: 20”H x 14”L x 10”W (50H x 36L x 25W cm)


electrostatic sprayer backpack


  • High quality electrostatic technology built to last.

  • Easy-to-use design.

  • 75% cost savings compared to using traditional disinfectant application.

  • 90% cost savings on labor.

  • Up to 10x faster than standard disinfection 

  • 9,000 sq. ft. to 20,250 sq. ft. coverage per hour

  • 2.5 gallons per hour flow rate

  • Generates very fine mist, droplet size as small as 40 microns

  • ŠIndependently tested against a competitive machine and ranked much higher in the electrostatic charge on the fluid. This helps us provide better 360 coverage

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

  • Up to 1.5 hours operation per 1AH of battery

  • Non-proprietary replacement batteries available at local hardware stores.

  • Our system is 18V and available to work with all of your major power tool brands, but comes standard with a Dewalt 6ah battery.

  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor. If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it.

  • 7 day return for refund (shipping is extra).

PRICE: $2,999


What's Included:

One Backpack Sprayer Unit

One Dewalt Ion Rechargeable Battery

One Dewalt Ion Battery Charger

One Spare Tip