Electrostatic sprayer

Warranty & Return Policy 

Ionospray's designer and manufacturer EI Solutions, offers a 7-day return policy and 1 year warranty from delivery date. All returns and warranty must be requested via email. Customer service will review and respond within 24 hours. If requests aren’t received correctly or on time, they will not be approved. Please send these requests to the following email addresses:

If you have a broken part on your sprayer system that you can replace yourself, please send us an email and a member of our team will contact you. Please send photos to help us identify the exact part that needs to be replaced.

If your system needs attention from our skilled repair team, please send us an email along with photos of the damage and a member of our Customer Service Team will contact you. Please do not send your items to us without a Return Authorization Number. We will make repairs at no cost to you to restore your sprayer system to a functional state.

We will make every effort to repair your sprayer system. In the event that we are unable to make a functional repair, we will replace it. For items that are no longer in production, a member of our Customer Service Team will contact you to discuss replacement options.

When a request is received, customer service will review and respond within 24 hours. Keep in mind that if requests aren’t received correctly or on time, they won’t be approved.

After responding, requests are addressed in the order they are received. We will work as quickly as we can to accomplish the repair, but cannot guarantee any expedited repairs under any circumstances. Turnaround times vary throughout the year due to seasonal volume and can be as long as 8 weeks, so we ask that you plan ahead and allow adequate time to send in your items for repair or receive a replacement part. We appreciate your patience!

You are responsible for the charges of shipping your items to EI Solutions. We recommend using a method of shipping that provides a tracking number. EI Solutions cannot be responsible for packages not received by our Repair Team. EI Solutions will cover the cost of all repairs to your item and pay the standard ground shipping charge for returning it to you. We only offer shipping options to US addresses. Repairs are addressed in the order they are received. Expedited shipping does not guarantee expedited repair. Please call us at 918-459-5328 to notify us that you are using an expedited shipping method.

Cosmetic Wear and Tear

Our Guarantee does not cover any reasonable aging of your sprayer system that affects only the appearance and not the function of your gear (e.g., logo peeling, stains). Be proud of those battle scars!


Chemical Wear or Fire Damage 

Our backpack system is suitable to spray any chemical solution that isn’t combustible in liquid form. We recommend following PPE requirements for the chemical in use and also recommend removing the chemical from the tank and flushing the system thoroughly with clean water after every use. Any chemical wear and tear or fire damage will void our factory warranty. However, our inventory levels at E&I for common spare parts ensure that we can make repairs rapidly.

Lost or Stolen Gear

Our Guarantee does not cover lost or stolen items.


Third Party Repairs or Replacements

Our Guarantee requires you to send your items to EI Solutions for any repairs or replacement parts. We do not cover costs incurred via third party repairs or replacements.