Back 2 School disinfection protocols  



Who is leading the effort?

The Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3) was tasked by the CDC Foundation to share information and coordinate resources between public health, private sectors and philanthropic organizations during this public health crisis through: 

  • Improved resource coordination

  • Better information sharing

  • Enhanced emergency preparedness and training

  • Coordinated preparedness planning

  • Innovation

  • Secured by a Community of Trust™



Where is it being used?

GHC3 is partnering with KIPP Woodson Park Academy to conduct a pilot program that aligns school-based operational guidelines with CDC recommendations for the prevention and control of SARS-CoV-2.  The aim is to establish best practices for returning students and staff safely to a K-6 school.  GHC3 may then recommend implementation of its findings on a national and global level.



How does Ionospray fit into the picture?

Disinfection: Ionospray worked with GHC3 to complete research and evaluation of electrostatic sprayers for the most efficient application of disinfectants and sanitizers. 


Ionospray evaluated several sprayers working together with school staff, including custodians and administrators.  Using “boots on the ground” feedback, Ionospray observed the needs of schools and matched them with its sprayer research.  Ionospray selected the electrostatic sprayer from E&I Solutions in Tulsa, OK as the best product based on effective results, ease of use, and back up service and support.