The world has changed in many ways due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  As we seek ways to create a "new normal" it is a given that we will seek to minimize our exposure to this new virus, as well as other pathogens.  Awareness of bio-hazards in our education, work, play, and living environments has irreversibly increased.  Ionospray was formed to evaluate and distribute tools that we can use to minimize our exposure and maintain a sense of safety and security against unseen pathogens.


Ionospray's approach begins with due diligence and testing. Products we represent must meet stringent criteria including effectiveness, durability, and service.  You can have confidence that Ionospray has inspected and tested its products and has selected them as the best choices among an array of competitive equipment.


Ionospray begins its offerings with the EISX100 electrostatic sprayer manufactured in Tulsa, OK.  This model was selected only after months of testing and comparing many electrostatic sprayers.  Ionospray found other sprayers to be seriously deficient in demonstrating electrostatic effects.  In some models, the electrostatic effect was not observed at all.  Some sprayers were poorly made and unlikely to survive repeated use in a commercial environment.  And most sprayers had no factory representation in the U.S. to provide assistance, warranty, or repair service.  


Beginning in September 2020 Ionospray entered in an agreement with E&I to distribute its electrostatic sprayer. Ionospray and E&I are now cooperating to continue product development and innovation to provide the best disinfecting solution.

Ionospray can also assist you in obtaining a supply of sprayable disinfectants or sanitizers.  Different solutions may be considered for different environments, and costs may significantly vary.  Solutions containing any form of alcohol should never be used in any electrostatic sprayer.


Ionospray continues to offer a host of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, visors, and sanitizers.  In every instance our team has vetted the products.  Our track record now includes more than 11 million pieces of PPE distributed.

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